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Slime Boy!

My sib Holly has been obsessed with a Steam game called "Slime Rancher". It's an adorable game where you collect different kinds of slimes and raise them on your farm. They drop this resource called "plort" and it's the main source of revenue in the game. Anyhow, I've fallen in love with this game because… Continue reading Slime Boy!

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Honey Bee Amigurumi – Save the Bees!

Fun fact: I'm actually allergic to bees - but that doesn't mean I don't like them! I understand how important they are, especially for pollination. And I love flowers, fruit, and honey, so bees more than make up for the pain of when I get stung. I was trying to think of things I could… Continue reading Honey Bee Amigurumi – Save the Bees!

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Kit-tea Weekend Crochet-Along #1

I've seen people host crochet-alongs (CAL) and I wanted to try my hand at it! I don't want it to be a week-long thing, because I don't want it to be a huge crochet project; I decided to make this a weekend project, starting with today! We'll be making this cute little "kit-tea" cat (sorry,… Continue reading Kit-tea Weekend Crochet-Along #1