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Free Pattern: Pumpkin Amigurumi

Hi all! I have a really simple and festive amigurumi pattern to share with you all:

PUMPKINS! As you can see, I maaaaybe went a little overboard on making them. I really like fall, okay? So to share my love of fall to you all (and in time for Halloween) I’ve whipped together my notes and made this pumpkin amigurumi pattern.

Materials needed:

  1. 5mm crochet hook
  2. Worsted weight yarn in brown and orange (or whatever color you want!)
  3. Polyfil stuffing
  4. Tapestry needle

Main body:

With 5mm hook and (orange) yarn, ch 2

R1: 6sc in 1st chain (6)

R2: inc in each st (12)

R3: *sc, inc* (18)

R4: *2sc, inc* (24)

R5: *3sc, inc* (30)

R6: *4sc, inc* (36)

R7: *5sc, inc* (42)

R8: *6sc, inc* (48)

R9 – 16: sc around (total of 8 rows)

R17: *6sc, dec*

R18: *5sc, dec*

R19: *4sc, dec*

R20: *3sc, dec*

R21: *2sc, dec*

R22: *sc, dec*

Stuff the pumpkin here! Don’t stuff it too firmly – it should be kind of squashy.

R23: dec in each st

Fasten off, leaving a 12 inch tail. Thread the tail through the tapestry needle, sew through each of the remaining 6 stitches, and pull tight to cinch closed. Tie a knot, but DON’T cut the yarn!

I’m using a lighter color so you can see better. Send the yarn straight up through that 1st chain you made and put the 6sc through. You’ll come up through this hole each time. Can you see how the increases made a sort of hexagon shape? This is the line you’ll cinch the pumpkin on. I put my fingers on two of the “lines” in this picture.


Lay your yarn flat along the line, then sew through the cinched hole in the bottom. Come straight back up, and pull tightly, making one wedge of the pumpkin.


Continue sewing like this on each line, cinching the yarn tightly to make the wedge. Once you’re all done, it’ll look like this:


Tie another knot, and weave the tail in!


In brown, ch 2

R1: 6sc in first ch

R2 – R4: sc around.

Fasten off, and leave a tail for sewing (6 inches should do it!)

Lightly stuff the stem, then sew it in the center of the top of the pumpkin body.

All done!

I’d love to see your finished pumpkin – comment a link to your blog with a picture, or tag me on Instagram @craftchampion!

As always, please don’t redistribute or sell this pattern as your own! You can share it, but please link back to my blog or share from my blog. You can also sell anything you make on a small scale, giving credit to me as designer.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy crafting!


6 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Pumpkin Amigurumi

  1. Would it be ok if I translated your pumpkin pattern to Icelandic and distributed it in my library knitting group? I would of course credit you and link to your website

  2. Hi there, I am new to crochet and am working on your adorable pattern. I have a quick question about the decreases. How do I know how many stitches are in each round? I’m sorry if this is a dumb question 🙂

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