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Red Barn Craft Show 2016

Hello all! I just realized I never shared pictures from Red Barn! On October 1st, I participated in a local craft show here where I live. I’d been crocheting like mad in preparation of the event, and I felt I did well! Here’s a picture of the set up:


I had a really great time, even if it was a long day! I wish I had taken some before and after pictures, because I nearly sold out of everything by the end of the day. The brown Pokemon table was completely empty, and I ended up consolidating everything onto one table and pushing it up to the front of the tent. It was crazy!

I’m planning on participating in one more craft show before the year’s out, so I’ve been prepping for that one now.

Have you ever sold at a craft show – or have any tips, tricks, or even just suggestions on things you’d personally like to see at a show? Drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you!



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