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Spooky Halloween Pokemon

Halloween draws nearer each day, and I’m excited! I love fall (pretty sure it’s close to everyone’s favorite season) so I’ve been adding some ghosts and ghost Pokemon to the shop. I also reworked an oldie that I’ve made before!

First, we have Undertale’s Napstablook – one of my favorite characters, for sure:


I made him with his headphones. He’s super cute and I’m pretty proud of how he turned out!

Then, we have Pumpkaboo, Litwick, and Mimikyu:


I gave the Pumpkaboo to my sister almost immediately because she loves spooky stuff. I was excited to re-try Litwick. I’ve made him once before, but wasn’t happy with how he turned out. I brushed yarn for his flame this time and he looks SO much better. (I’m so proud of him he’s in both images.) And of course, I had to try my hand at Mimikyu, one of the (adorable) new Pokemon coming out on Sun and Moon. Super cute! I might release all of their patterns on my Ravelry, if I can consolidate my notes on them.

Last, I made a “Pikaro” as I call him.


He looks ready to trick-or-treat in his Totoro costume! I actually sent this little guy out as a part of an art swap I did on Instagram – if you’re interested in a swap, give me a follow and shoot me a message!

Well, that’s all for now.

Happy crafting!


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