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New – Patreon Up and Running!

Hi gang! I recently decided to start a Patreon – if you become a patron of mine, you’ll receive access to two patterns a month! I also have a couple of tier options, too.

  1. Tier I: Receives access to monthly patterns!
  2. Tier II: Member of the Plush Club, as well as all of Tier I rewards! Each month, I’ll hold a poll with some plush options, and once the vote is in, I’ll create and ship the plush to you!
  3. Tier III: Custom Pattern Writing, as well as all of the Tier I & II rewards! Each month, Tier III members will get to commission a custom pattern from me! They also have the option of receiving the commissioned plush as their plush from Plush Club.

This month’s patterns are Magikarp and Bellsprout:

PhotoGrid_1500062040257 They’re live on my Patreon now, as well as the poll and commission page. This month’s poll theme is ice cream!


My Patreon profile is here: OR you can click the link at the top of my blog that says “My Patreon”! I would love it if you checked my profile out and supported my pattern creation in the future!

Happy Crafting!


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