Spooky Ghost amigurumi

I've been trying to ease back into writing patterns and making amigurumi in general, and since Halloween is fast approaching (YAY!) I thought to make some spooky projects that I could use to decorate my apartment. So I made these two ghosties - one with a cute witches' hat, too! The finished ghosts measure about… Continue reading Spooky Ghost amigurumi

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Honey Bee Amigurumi – Save the Bees!

Fun fact: I'm actually allergic to bees - but that doesn't mean I don't like them! I understand how important they are, especially for pollination. And I love flowers, fruit, and honey, so bees more than make up for the pain of when I get stung. I was trying to think of things I could… Continue reading Honey Bee Amigurumi – Save the Bees!