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Slime Boy!

My sib Holly has been obsessed with a Steam game called “Slime Rancher”. It’s an adorable game where you collect different kinds of slimes and raise them on your farm. They drop this resource called “plort” and it’s the main source of revenue in the game.


Anyhow, I’ve fallen in love with this game because the slimes are so stinking cute! So I whipped together a cute pattern for the original pink slime – more slimes coming, for sure. I thought I would share it, because it’s such a sweet and simple pattern. Even if you don’t play the game, these little guys are sure to charm with their sweet smile!

Materials needed:

5.00 mm hook
pink worsted weight yarn (I used Loops & Thread Arbor Rose from Michael’s)
15 mm safety eyes
black yarn (for embroidering the mouth)
fluff stuffing
scissors, sharp tapestry needle

Stitches and Abbreviations:

sc: single crochet
inc: increase
ch: chain
st: stitch
sl st: slip stitch
dec: decrease

In pink yarn, ch 2

6sc in first ch

Row 1: inc in each st (12)

Row 2: *sc, inc* around (18)

Row 3: *2sc, inc* around (24)

Row 4: *3sc, inc* around (30)

Row 5: *4sc, inc* around (36)

Row 6: *5sc, inc* around (42)

Row 7: *6sc, inc* around (48)

Row 8 – 12: sc around; 5 rows total

Row 13: *7sc, inc* around (54)

Row 14 – 16: sc around; 3 rows total

Row 17: *8sc, inc* around (60)

Row 18 – 21: sc around; 4 rows total

Row 22: *8sc, dec* around (54)

Row 23: *7sc, dec* around (48)

Row 24: *6sc, dec* around (42)

Row 25: *5sc, dec* around (36)

Row 26: *4sc, dec* around (30)

Row 27: *3sc, dec* around (24)

Row 28: *2sc, dec* around (18)

Row 29: *sc, dec* around (12)

This is a good time to stuff the body and add the eye and mouth! Stuff generously – my slime is pretty firm. If you count from the top, your eyes should be in between rows 14 and 15, and are about 10 stitches apart. Make sure the eyes aren’t too close together – the smile has to go in between them!

Row 30: dec in all st (6)

Add a little more stuffing here!

Fasten off by sl st to the next st, then cutting yarn with a 6 inch tail for sewing. Sew through each of the 6 remaining st, then pull the yarn to cinch. Tie a knot, and weave in the remaining tail.


Simple enough pattern – make yourself a slime or two or twenty! I’d love to see your slime, too; you can share it with me on IG, just tag me @pixeledpeach!



2 thoughts on “Slime Boy!

  1. What is the size of your slime? I’m new to crocheting and think I did something wrong because I’m only half done and it’s almost 5 inches tall!😃

    1. It’s really big, about 8 inches in height! Forgot to mention that in the pattern.

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