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Free Pattern: Amigurumi Bird

Hello all! It’s been awhile since I last posted – sorry about that! I wanted to try something new with this next post, so I wrote a cute little amigurumi bird pattern and made some videos to accompany it! (Sorry they’re in portrait mode, I had to use my phone and could only get the right angle if I propped it up inside of a coffee mug.) I’m planning on using more videos in the future, so I created a YouTube account to host them all. Ok, on to the pattern!

Supplies you’ll need:

  1. 5mm crochet hook
  2. Some worsted weight yarn in white, gray, and blue (or really, any colors you would like!)
  3. Pair of 9mm safety eyes (in my video I used some really cute blue ones, I ordered them from here)
  4. Stuffing
  5. Yarn needle & scissors
  6. Dog brush (you want one with metal bristles, like this one)
  7. Blush & brush applicator*
  8. White craft paint & a Q-tip*

*optional – you might not want blush or white shinies in the eyes!

Bird Beak

In gray yarn (or whatever color you’re using), chain 2

Row 1: 6sc in first chain.

Row 2: sc in each stitch (6)

Row 3: *sc, inc* around (9)

Slip stitch to next stitch, and trim a 6 inch tail to sew with.

This is how I make my beaks – if you find your beak isn’t as pointy as you would like, watch this video!

Bird Body

With white yarn (or main body color yarn), chain 2.

Row 1: Put 6sc in the first chain. (6)

Row 2: increase in each stitch. (12)

Row 3: *sc, increase* all the way around (18)

Row 4: *2sc, increase* all the way around (24)

Rows 5-9: sc around, 5 rows total.

Row 10: *3sc, increase* TWICE, then sc in all stitches (26)

Row 11: *4sc, increase* TWICE, then sc in all stitches (28)

Row 12: *5sc, increase* TWICE, then sc in all stitches (30)

Rows 13-15: sc around, 3 rows total.

Row 16: *3sc, decrease* all the way around (24)

Row 17: *2sc, decrease* all the way around (18)

Row 18: *sc, decrease* all the way around (12)

Ok, at this point I add the details on, before closing the body up. Here’s the link to the video I made to accompany this section!

Attach eyes, in between the 7th and 8th rows on the front, making sure the “booty” party is directly behind (ignore obnoxious pun made in video). Then, cut 6-9 3 inch strands of yarn in the color you want the bird’s feather to be. Tie knots at the end of each strand, and sew up through the opening at the bottom to the top of the head, centered between the eyes. Using dog brush, brush out the strands until they’re fluffy, trimming them if necessary. Stuff body, and sew the beak that we made earlier on, centered between the eyes. With a bit of yarn (same color as the feather, or any color you would like), embroider three “v’s” underneath the eyes and the beak.

Let’s finish up the body now!

Row 19: decrease in all stitches (6)

Bind off, leaving a 6 inch tail. Sew through each of the remaining stitches, pull tight to close, and tie a knot. Weave in end.


In blue yarn (or whatever color you want), chain 5.

Row 1: sc in each st (4)

Row 2: flip around the other side and sc in each stitch

Keep working round and round, until your tail is long enough – I like my tail to be stubby, only about an inch in length, but you can make yours longer! Here’s the video for this section.

Bind off, leaving long tail for sewing. Attach tail to the “booty” of the bird, sewing it on flat.

Wings (make 2):

In white yarn (or whatever color you’re using for the main body), form a Magic Loop.

Here’s my video on how to make a Magic Loop!

Row 1: 6sc in Magic Loop

Row 2: increase in each stitch (12)

Row 3: *sc, increase* all the way around (18)

Fasten off, leaving long tail for sewing. You can cut the beginning tail off, close to the work – hooray for Magic Loop!

Feet (make 2):

In gray (or whatever color you want), chain 2

Row 1: 6sc in first chain

Row 2: sc in each stitch

Work around and around until each foot is about half an inch in length! Bind off, and leave a long tail for sewing.

Here’s the first video on how I sew the wings and feet on – and here’s the second video!

Attach wings to sides of the body. Attach feet underneath bird, so they stick out. Apply blush, and paint on the white shinies on eyes with Q-tip.


I hope these videos help. I realized with some of my patterns, simply writing what I do isn’t good enough – I sort of “finesse” what I do, and I think that’s why my projects look cute when I’m done! Let me know if the videos are helpful – I plan on making more in the future!

Legal stuff:

Please don’t sell or redistribute this pattern as your own – if you want to share, please link back to my blog! You can sell items made from this pattern, as long as you credit me as designer and link back to my blog!

Happy crafting!


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