Valentine’s Day MADNESS.

It’s official – the Valentine’s Day craze has overtaken me! I have a weakness for pink, cutesy things, hearts, and bunnies. Oh, and Totoro, too. Look at this cute little guy!

I’m working on writing up a pattern for Totoro, but for now there’s just my hasty, mid pattern notes that I do, just so I’ll remember what I did for next time. Anyone else do that?

Normally, if I’m doing something that’s not creative, I write out and stick to very detailed plans. I’m a to-do lister, a master calendar maker, and a planner keeper. But for whatever reason, when you give me yarn and a hook, or paint and a brush, I dive right in and don’t look, think ahead, or plan AT ALL.

It’s really fun, and relaxing at the same time – but it’s also incredibly frustrating if I want to make the same thing twice. So I started jotting down sloppy short-hand notes to decipher later… when I get around to it!

Anyone else caught up with Valentine’s Day? I know it’s silly, and how the card and candy companies made it up, and blah blah… Anyone else still a sucker for all of the cutesy stuff, too?


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