Amigurumi Techniques: Weight

This week I wanted to add a few posts about some of the techniques I use when I make my amigurumi. Have you ever made a project that won't sit up the way you want it to? I've made my fair share of plushes that need to sit up or have heavy top parts, like… Continue reading Amigurumi Techniques: Weight

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(Free) Weekend Project: Bow ties are Cool.

Here's my weekend project: a cute bow tie pillow! It's fairly simple to make, too- just a little time consuming. Materials: 5 mm 26" circular needles (US 8) Yarn needle Worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart's "Hot Red") Scissors Polyfil stuffing Gauge: 11 st. by 16 st. = 3x3 inch block. Gauge isn't important… Continue reading (Free) Weekend Project: Bow ties are Cool.